SC546, SC547, SC554, SC555, SC556 (W650EH)

Airplane mode toggling on and off?

Update October 2021: A fix with Insyde Airplane Mode HID Mini Driver version has now been injected into the driver pack you can download here or you can continue to follow the guide.

Please download and extract both of the files below required to resolve issue with Windows 10 constantly switching Airplane mode on and off.

  1. Open the folder you extracted “” to and run setup.exe and follow prompts
  2. Once setup complete select do not restart and finish
  3. If Airplane mode is still turning on and off by itself continue below. If not skip to step 9
  4. Open device manager and Left click > in front of “Human Interface Devices” to expand list
  5. Left click “Insyde Airplane Mode HID Mini Driver” to select it and press delete on your keyboard
  6. Tick box “Delete the driver software for this device” and click “Uninstall” (Airplane mode should now stop turning on and off by itself)
  7. Left click the “Action” menu and left click “Scan for hardware changes”
  8. This should install the correct version of the driver you just installed (Airplane mode should no longer be turning on and off by itself)
  9. Confirm under “Human Interface devices”, “Insyde Airplane Mode HID Mini-Driver” the version of the driver is rather than (which comes from Windows Update) by double clicking “Insyde Airplane Mode HID Mini Driver” and checking the “Driver” tab
  10. Open the folder you extracted “Airplane” to and double click fix.reg and left click “Yes” to add entries to registry
  11. Restart your machine and issue will be resolved and will prevent Microsoft from installing incorrect driver now and in the future

If you are still having issues please email [email protected] for further assistance.

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